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Body Contouring & Wood Therapy Training

Start your lucrative career in the fastest growing sector of the beauty industry!


Body Contouring is quickly growing into a billion dollar industry, with it's amazing non invasive benefits.

We Have Multiple options for this course that both include machines and do not include machines to better fit your budget. We do include complete vendor guides should you choose to not purchase a machine right away as this will put in the right direction when you are ready to purchase one. We also show you how to use a Sauna bag however we do not include the actual sauna bags within courses, again you will be given a direct link to order one at your own discretion for if you're wanting it for your business or not.

Courses do include small kits to get you started as aside from a machine(s) not too much is required.

The course will cover;

- What exactly is body Contouring

- Cavitation, Laser Lipolysis, RF Therapy, Vacuum Therapy Vacuum/Cupping therapy for booty lifts etc

- Lymphatic Drainage

- Health Conditions and Benefits

- Machines and Supplies

- Safety and Sanitation

- Rules and Regulations

- How to perform the services

- Benefits

- Packages to attract customers

- Social Media and Marketing

- Sauna Bag

- Wood Therapy (If Choosing wood therapy)

- etc


A model is required to obtain certificate(s).

Payment plans are available for our more in-depth courses and of course all courses include life time support.


Course Options

$749 (Reg $899)

($299 Deposit req.)

$2150 (Reg $2300)

($900 Deposit req.)


Body Contouring Only - NO Machine

Body Contouring Only - WITH Machine

$1050 (Reg $1299)

($500 Deposit req.)

$3050 (Reg $3200)

($1200 Deposit req.)

$849 (Reg $999)

($400 Deposit req.)

$1350 (Reg $1599)

($700 Deposit req.)


Body Contouring & Booty Lifts - NO Machine

Body Contouring & Booty Lifts - WITH Machine

Booty Lift Only - NO Machine

Booty Lift Only - With Machine

Course Add-On




Wood Therapy - NO Tools

Wood Therapy - WITH Tools

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