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Mini Courses or Add-On Services 

Add ons or smaller services are where you can make the most profit in the least amount of time, These smaller services are also great if you're wanting to slowly start you own business with simple services.


Adding these services onto already existing services not only bring in more profit but also can bring in more clients!


I.e if you offer Lash extensions advertise for Henna Brows, a Brow Wax or Brow about all 3! 

Now by adding all 3 into your existing service your potentially doubling your initial profit if you were still to only offer Lash Extensions!


Lash Lift & Tint Cert.

$279 (reg $329)
($99 Deposit req. to Book)

Learn the fundamentals of lifting the lashes through a chemical process, essentially a "perm" for the eyes as well as tinting lashes to really make your clients eyes pop.

3-4 hour course

Henna Brow Cert.

$299 (reg $349)
($99 Deposit req. to Book)

Lasting longer then tint and the perfect step before committing to permanent makeup!


Learn how to perform Henna Brow treatments and complete brow styling techniques with mapping

This course includes 2x certificate

3-4 Hour Course.

Eyebrow treatment

Brow Lamination Cert.

$299 (reg $329)
($99 Deposit req. to Book

Learn the fundamentals of laminating brow hairs through a chemical process, essentially a "perm" for the brows extremely similar to a Lash Lift, though using different serums. DO NOT use Lash Lift serums to perform Brow Lamination!

Brow Lamination is an amazing add on or starter service for clients with sparse or unruly brows wanting them to be more structured. 

Course is 2-3 Hours. 

$199 (Reg $249) 
($99 Deposit req. to Book) - Basic Waxing

$229 (Reg $349) 
($129 Deposit req. to Book) - Basic and Intimate Waxing

$79 (Reg $129)
($60 Deposit req. to Book) - Intimate waxing, for those already wax certified only

Waxing is such an underrated service that yields great profit in a tiny amount of time!

We offer two types of waxing certificates;

- Basic Waxing I.e Underarms, Face, Brows (includes bonus brow mapping cert.) Legs, Back etc

- Intimate waxing for Brazilian Area

We will go over Hair growth, Skin Anatomy,Safety and Sanitization plus so much more!

Waxing course can be booked with intimate waxing included or booked separately as your comfort level grows. 

Course is 3-4 hours


Waxing Cert.


Tooth Gems

$139 (reg $189) (Without Kit)

$199 (Reg $299) (With Kit)

Who wouldn't want to add a little sparkle to their smile or a fun decal.

This course will teach you a new skill to make maximum profit in as little as 20 Minutes. This course covers oral anatamy, bonders, types of gems etc.

Available with and without kit options to better suit your budget.

Kit Includes, 15 Gems and other Stones (heart, star, music note etc), Bonder, Light Activator etc.

Course is 2-3 Hours 

Teeth Whitening

$629 (Reg $799) 
($299 Deposit req. to Book)

We all love a pearly white smile and it yields great profit both as a standalone service as well as an add on service.

This Course includes your LED Machine, Bleach, Gum Barrier, Trays and more.

We Will give over oral anatomy, types of clients, safety of the enamel etc.

Course is 1 Day (6 hours)

Teeth Whitening
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