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Permanent Makeup Training

Permanent Makeup or PMU is one of the hottest services within the beauty industry and where Empires can be built!

"Wake up with No Makeup" is the mantra, not having to spend time doing your makeup...matching your brows...worrying about your lipstick smudging or giving yourself "racoon eyes" because your eyeliner smudged.

For most students, you can have enough clients within a day to make your monthly rent/overhead. 

Our courses include complete kits to get you started, life time support and hands on booth rental to ensure you are feeling confident within your new skill set. This is not to be taken lightly as at the end of the day you are tattooing someones face. Models will be required to obtain you certificate for certain courses multiple models will be needed as well as at home case work on practise skins to ensure you're applying the right skills to your craft. 

In the course we will cover; 

- Theory

- Skin Anatomy

- Colour Theory

- Machines and/or Machine Work

- Manual vs Machine Hair strokes

- Combo Brows / Blade and Shade

- Manual vs Machine Outline on lips

- Complete brow mapping

- Saline Tattoo Removal

- Safety and Sanitization, Insurance and Consent Forms

- Social Media and Marketing

- Live Model Demo

- Exam

What is covered will vary dependent upon courses being taken.

You will also be sent a link to do your Blood Bourne Pathogens Certificate, PMU Certificates will not be given until proof of this certificate is shown, the cost is $32, we do not include this in the course as quite a few other students already have this certification and it is not fair to charge them for it as well. 


Microblading Cert.

$1700 (Reg $2000 )
($500 Deposit req. to Book)

Learn to create natural hair strokes within brows, whether it's a client with little to know brows or someone just wanting to give their brows a little more structure. You will also learn Saline Tattoo Removal....If you can put ink into clients skin you should also know how to remove it should an error occur.

In just a few clients you can make your course tuition back and greatly boost someone confidence!

Course is 2 Days with Lunch Included Day 1

Day 2 is Demo and Exam Day

3 Certificates in Total
- Microblading
- Brow Mapping
- Saline Tattoo Removal

Powder Brow / Machine Brow Only

$900 (Reg $1150)
($450 Deposit req. to Book)

So Many different things can be done with Brows and a machine;

- Powder Brows for clients wanting a bolder more makeup type look

-  Ombre Brows (lighter in the front and darker towards the tail)

Course is 1 Day

(Once you have mastered powder brows, I highly recommend taking our Advanced Machine course!)

Eyebrow Treatment
Green Eyes and Makeup

Master brow Course, Microblading, Blade/Shade and Powder Brows 

$2250 (Reg $2600)
($900 Deposit req. to Book)

In this course you will learn the complete fundamentals and 5 different techniques in total in regards to performing Permanent Makeup on Brows.

You will learn to shape, shade and fit brows specific to you clients facial structure and their desired outcome (while still being realistic within expectations). 

Much like our Microblading Course you will also learn Saline Tattoo Removal to be able to correct or remove colour implanted in the skin as well as how to properly perform cover ups on old work.

3 Day Course with Lunch inc. Day 1
4 Certificates in Total; Microblading, Machine Brows, Brow Mapping and Saline Tattoo Removal/Lightening

Brow/Colour Correction Course

$869  (Reg 1099)
($300. Deposit req. to Book)

We've all seen it, brows that have gone a grey or blue tinge, maybe they're completely outside the area that they should be.

In this course we will revisit colour theory and how to adapt the colours to fix clients brows to a more bearable outcome. We will learn to identify the best techniques to fix our clients brows whether it be Lightening them to fix the colour, start from scratch or simply change them up colour and style wise to cover the previous work. 

1 Day Course, must already be certified in Microblading or Powder Brows

Eyes and Brows
Image by Gabe Pierce

Advanced  Machine Brows 

$849 (Reg $999)
($300 Deposit req. to Book)

Take your skill set to the next level with this advanced course (must have MINIMUM 6 months machine experience and portfolio to show).

Learn the art of Nano Brows, Feather Brows among many other techniques to give clients the brows of their dreams and make your work stand out against the rest.

Course is 1 Day

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